About Awesome DJ Productions

Owner and founder DJ Darryl Awesome Owens has been spinning good music since 1976. He has witness many changes in the music industry from Vinyl records (Albums) to 12" Singles to the EP. Vinyl is still the choice of many DJ's and those who remember spending countless hours sifting thru hits and misses at records stores know the feeling of finding that hit and how you wanted to be the first to play it at your next gig. When the introduction to mp3 invaded the 90's many DJs, artist and companies did not keep up with the technology thus losing their place in the music world. Good and bad has come from this new world depending on how you look at it. In the late 80's Radio started dictating to their audience what they wanted you to hear. As the internet evolved, individual creativity soared. Today anyone can run a radio station from anywhere in the world as long as you have a good internet connection and a decent computer with the right software. This website was design to help give you good information in the music industry and let you chose your music instead of the AM FM station you hear coming from your car. Links to our very own radio station and up and coming events, gigs and concerts. Click on the links above to view top 50 charts from the Genre of your choice. Then you can enjoy even more music that most people never hear. Feel free to contact us with your input, concerns and comments. If you belong to any of the social networks above, be sure to click and friend us. Stay Tune because theres much more to come.

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Latest News

September 3, 2016

House In The Park

House in the Park is a FREE annual outdoor amplified music event, and counts on our friends and family for support. House In The Park Atlanta

September 10, 2016


Crabbby Kims Host Whiskey as it is the return of DJ Darryl Awesome Owens. Come out and Eat Drink and Dance the Summers end. Crabbby Kim Chicago

October 15, 2016

Oktober Fest!

Crabbby Kims Host Oktober Fest Check out some crafted beers, Drunken Wench's and the return of NYC DJ Tommy T. Crabbby Kims Chicago

October 17 - 20, 2016

ADE Amsterdam Dance Event

The annual Amsterdam Dance Event offers a stage for more than eight hundred DJ’s at music hall podia around the city and attracts around 200,000 festival visitors to the event. ADE Amsterdam Dance Event Amsterdam, Netherlands